Heroes from the Whale Protest

Jonathan Paul
Photo by Sandy A.
Jonathan Paul on Bulletproof taunting the NMFS "Taste Tester" boat

Jake and Josh of SEDNA
Photo by Don F.

Jake and Josh have their day in court

Chuck & Margaret Owens
Photos by Mark O.

Chuck and Margaret Owens of Joyce, WA

Bret & Cheryl
Photo by Sandy A.

Bret & Cheryl from Oregon

Paul Watson
Photo by Mark O.

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd aboard the Sirenian outside Neah Bay

Lisa Distefano
Photo by Mark O.

Lisa Distefano of Sea Shepherd in one of the many confrontations with the tribal police

Bill Moss & Tiger
Photo by Mark O.

Tiger and Bill Moss of the World Whale Police

Alberta Thompson
Photo by Mark O.

Alberta Thompson, Makah elder

Dan Spomer
"Photo" by Mike & Winston

Dan Spomer hard at work on the WCCA newsletter

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